Zurich Classics Motors

We specialize in the acquisition and sale of practical classics from the 1980’s and 1990’s.  This focus is built upon the belief that this period represents the golden age of the automobile and motorsport.  Before the onslaught of IT, Engineers utilized the fullest extent of the Industrial Revolution and crafted mechanical masterpieces. Designers such as Giorgetto Giugiaro and Bruno Sacco created functional, rolling sculpture for the general public.  Manufacturers signing on, supported and built these dreams, frequently losing profits to do so.  Drivers such as Senna, Rohrl and Mouton risked all to allow these machines to become fully alive, often frighteningly so. Drivers in this age often selected ownership vs. leasing and took great pride and hence care of their investment. The was the era when Automobiles still embodied great soul while also embracing and integrating an acceptable level of modern features.

With such a deep passion for this age and the cars it produced, Zurich Classic Motors is able to identify and source the highest quality young timer classic cars available both at home and abroad.  Our cars range from additions to the premier car enthusiast’s collection to the practical classic cars that you can enjoy on the road daily.  If you have a car to sell or need assistance filling a specific car request please contact us.  It would be a pleasure to work with you on all phases of your car needs.